A SOFT drinks giant based in Powys has been given the green light to build a new car and lorry park at its Radnorshire headquarters.

The application to create 155 car parking spaces and 20 articulated lorry spaces at Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company’s Heartsease Farm base, just outside Knighton, was granted by Powys County Council on Monday (March 18).

James Spreckley, acting on behalf of the applicant, William Watkins, Radnor Hills’ CEO, described the company as one of Powys’ and Wales' “great business success stories”.


“Radnor Hills continues to thrive and prosper, now employing approximately 240 people, providing much needed rural employment,” said Mr Spreckley, in the planning application.

“Following the grant of planning permission for additional warehousing on the site of the principal car and lorry park, the additional warehousing is due for construction.

“This will give rise to the need to re-locate the existing car and lorry park immediately adjacent to the new warehousing, on adjoining agricultural land.

“There is no capacity within the existing Radnor Hills site. The proposed car and lorry park will continue to utilise the existing access arrangements from the adjacent A4113 and the existing internal access arrangements through the site.”

County Times:  Radnor Hills founder and managing director William Watkins. Radnor Hills founder and managing director William Watkins.

He said the proposed change of use complies with local planning policies.

“The proposed change of use of existing agricultural land to a car and lorry park complements an existing, well-established employment use,” he added.

“The business is located here as it relies upon the springs and boreholes of the underlying aquifer, and has grown organically on this site since its inception 30 years ago.

“The proposed car and lorry park lies adjacent to the existing operational site of Radnor Hills. The change of use will allow for the continuing expansion and modernisation of the existing business.”