Charlotte Church’s Powys based retreat has been named on of the best rated celebrity run businesses.

The Dreaming in Rhayader was the second highest rated business run by a celebrity in the Uk in research undertaken by “side hustle experts” at Wealth of Geeks.

They analysed a list of celebrity-owned and invested hospitality businesses in the UK to establish which places are the best rated by the average total percentage of excellent reviews on Google Reviews.

The Rhayader-based wellbeing retreat which used to be the home of designer Laura Ashley got   a 67.30% excellent review rating.

This was only beaten by Ian McKellen's pub The Grapes in London with a rating of 72.17% excellent reviews which is co-owned by the famous actor and was once a favourite of Charles Dickens.


A spokesperson for Wealth of Geeks commented on the findings: "Establishments owned by celebrities as a side hustle has emerged as a prominent trend in the hospitality industry, and it's interesting to see what the public thinks are the best-rated. 

 “The range of celebrities who have ventured into the hospitality sector varies from football legends to musicians and actors, which demonstrates how attractive it is as a business opportunity.

"However it’s also a risk, because poor reviews from customers could do more than just impact people’s opinion of the establishment, they could also damage the celebrity’s brand and persona.

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"Therefore the celebrities who feature at the top of this list will be pleased their side hustles are proving popular with the public.”

Celebrity run businesses that Charlotte Church’s retreat beat included Footballer Hakim Ziyech's Taco Taco, a gourmet Mexican restaurant in Shoreditch, Hotel Football in Manchester which is was opened by former Manchester United team mates Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, alongside their 1992 teammates Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and Phil Neville.

Also on the list were James Blunt’s London Gastropub, The Fox and Pheasant, Rick Astley’s Mikkeller Bar and Gareth Bale’s Elevens Bar and Bar 59.