A Powys pub has been recognised for making some of the best pies in the UK.

The Castle Inn in Knucklas, near Knighton, won a silver medal at this year’s British Pie Awards on its very first attempt.

The award winning ‘Duke’ – a beef and ale pie with stilton – is the creation of owner Saovaluk Crooke and chef Jean Ashton who have gained a reputation for their spectacular creations.

Saovaluk’s husband Vince was overjoyed with the win and said it down to the hard work of the two.

County Times:

“It’s my wife’s business,” said Vince. “Her and Jean the Chef make their own pies and they have done for some time now. So I suggested why don’t we attempt the British Pie Awards?”

“We thought about it for two or three years because we wanted to get the pies right. We have a great reputation for our pies. So we entered the competition earlier on this month with just two pies.”


This for the Castle was just them dipping their toe into the competition and they were surprised how well it went.

“We took a chicken supreme which didn’t meet the grade. But we took ‘the Duke’”, added Vince.

“That went down quite well and got us a silver on our first attempt. We thought 50 per cent success rate that’s quite good news.

County Times:

The decision to take part came partly after rave reviews from Vince’s son.

“My lad lives in Sheffield,” said Vince “He took three of our pies up to Sheffield because he’d tried one and said “dad I’ve never had a pie like it”. He took it up to his friend’s in Sheffield and they all loved it – and that is pie country."

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However they have said they are hoping to do one better next year as they didn’t even take their best this year - their flagship ‘king of pie’.

“The pub itself has a great reputation for itself for the “King of Pie” which is our steak and ale,” said Vince.

“We didn’t enter this time because we were just testing the water but we will go with ‘the King’ and another one we will try and create.”