A former Powys podiatrist has voluntarily been struck off after being accused of storing hundreds of medical records in his house.

Bronterre Freelove, who was employed at Powys Teaching Health Board at the time of the accusation, has voluntarily been removed from the medical register after a tribunal investigated him for storing over 300 patient records in his home.

The Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service found the Mr Freelove’s practice was impaired as “between September 2015 until September 2016, whilst employed by Powys Teaching Health Board he did not ensure that patient records were stored in a secure location” and “stored approximately 341 patient records at your home address, when it was inappropriate to do so.”


The also found that Mr Freelove “did not complete adequate case records.”

The chair of the panel of the tribunal said: “The Panel was satisfied that it was an appropriate, expeditious, and proportionate course to approve the disposal of these proceedings by consent, by means of the signed VRA dated 15 February 2024.”

A spokesperson for Powys Teaching Health Board said storing medical records at home went against its own policies.

They said: “We take our responsibilities for patient confidentiality very seriously.

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“We have policies, guidance and training in place to advise our staff of appropriate action in relation to the management, storage and transport of patient records.

"Clinical staff are also accountable for their individual practice in line with relevant professional standards.”

The statement from the health board added: “Where serious breaches of our policies and procedures are identified then we ensure that appropriate investigation takes place, and this may result in disciplinary action and review by the relevant professional body.”