Drivers and pedestrians in Welshpool have been left baffled after earth seemingly left over from pavement works in the town were turned into a "grave". 

Anyone driving past the old Welshpool railway station for the past few days may have spotted what looks like a cartoonishly shallow grave, complete with cross and flowers, on the side of the B4381 roundabout.

While the mound of earth can most likely be traced to a patch of ground dug up to install a temporary road crossing while work is done to widen the pavement as part of Powys Council’s active travel route, its unknown who went the extra step of adding a makeshift cross and bunch of flowers to the mound.

While it’s unlikely to be mistaken as an actual grave, it will likely make drivers of pedestrians look twice as they drive by, if nothing else than to wonder who took the time to make their own graveside decorations for the mound of earth.


As one Facebook commenter said: “Someone went out of their way to make a cross with ribbon and lay flowers? Seems like way too much effort for a joke.”

Theories online range from suggestions that local residents have been finding cheap ways of saying farewell to their beloved pets, to others suggesting it is a protest at the new 20mph speed limit, lying as it does at the base of a 30mph sign.

Work on the pavement began in November 2023, as part of creating a route running from Severn Road, from the train station to the bridge over the canal.

As part of the project the existing path will be widened to become a shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians, which Powys Council says will enhance safety for all users, particularly for families and pupils going to and from Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng and commuters using the train station.