ADELE Nicoll insisted she had begun on the road to Milan after a stunning performance at her debut World Championships this week.

The Welshpool shot put star turned bobsleigh talent sealed ninth spot from a field of 26 in the monobob in Winterburg in Germany.

Nicoll said: “My first World Championships and I’m walking away with a top 10 result in a hugely competitive field.

“The late nights and early mornings, the struggles, the tears, the silent battles. You have to be resilient as hell, but it’s worth it in the end.


“I can’t put into words the importance of the support that I’ve received to get here. Although I was standing on the start block alone, it takes an entire team.

Nicoll is a relative newcomer to the sport having only begun two years ago and she insisted this season has been her favourite so far as she looks ahead to qualification for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan.

She said: “This has been my favourite season so far and I’ve made some amazing friends. It’s so nice to share experiences with athletes who are genuinely happy for each others wins. To my brake girls, my team mates, my friends, family and sponsors, thank you.

“The road to Milan 2026 Olympic Games is well and truly underway. No looking back.”