The owner of a rural village shop in Powys has said he is “beyond devastated” to announce that the shop will be closing.

On February 23, Duncan Borthwick, owner of Llanymynech Village Shop, posted a video to the shop’s Facebook page to announce that he would be closing the shop, describing it as “a really difficult decision”.

In the video, Mr Borthwick cited rising bills, increased delivery charges and shrinking margins as some of the reasons behind the closure.

He said: “Everything is conspiring against little businesses that don’t have access to the chain system.

“I haven’t done this lightly. I’ve tried and keep racking my brain just to think what I could have done differently or what I could have changed and I can’t think of anything. Whatever we’ve tried, it’s just not made a blind bit of difference.”

The building also houses the village’s Post office, who are reportedly exploring other avenues for providing postal services to the village after the shop closes.

Mr Borthwick added that the building’s lease was not going to be renewed by the landlord and despite looking for alternative properties, costs and bills were reportedly still too high for the business to remain viable.


“I feel really sad that small businesses across the country are struggling,” he said.

“I don’t blame people whatsoever. This is a really hard time and people are really struggling, they’ve got no money, and if they can’t afford to shop here I understand that.

“I sincerely thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your love and support.”

Through social media updates, he has told customers that since announcing the closure he has had support from the local community, from regular customers dropping by to Montgomeryshire MP Craig Williams visiting the shop.

A JustGiving page was also started by community members, not to keep the shop open but to assist Mr Borthwick with continuing to pay the rent as he will remain viable until the end of his tenancy.

He added: “Can tell you I was very humbled and emotional last night when I saw a Go Fund me had been set up for us.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish I had the money to pump into the business to keep it open for you, but it still wouldn’t solve the problem of the economy and the fact that I have to leave at the end of my short tenancy anyway.”

To support the Justgiving page visit here