Dyfed Powys Police are investigating a suspected dog attack on livestock, described as “horrific”, which led to a young ram having to be euthanised.

The animal had to be put down following a livestock worrying incident that left the young ram with severe facial wounds. The attack took place upon a private farm field in Guilsfield, close to the church area within the village boundaries.

Powys Rural Crime Team are currently investigating the incident, which they estimate occurred between the evening of Friday, February 9, and the morning of Saturday, February 10.

Describing the incident, a spokesperson for Dyfed Powys Police said: “Powys Rural Crime Team are investigating an horrific Livestock Worrying incident

“Unfortunately, a young ram sheep was found with severe facial wounds, resulting in him having to be euthanised. Dog paw prints were also found at the scene.”


Police are encouraging anyone with information regarding the incident to contact them either online or by calling 101.

The Rural Crime Team also advised dog walkers to keep their dogs on leads when walking through areas with livestock. Livestock worrying, which involves a dog attacks or chases livestock, causing injury or suffering, is a criminal offence.

They added: “We also request that dog owners and walkers keep their dogs under adequate close control, preferably upon a lead when in areas where livestock are present.”

Police investigated several instances of livestock worrying in the area during the summer of 2023, including an incident in the Llanidloes area that led to the two sheep dead and injured tree, as well as an attack on three sheep in Welshpool left them with severe injuries.