As something of a long term resident of Saw Mills, Kerry (Since 1975), I am beginning to wonder how useful it is for Powys County Council to retain the Victorian mansion on the hilltop (County Times, January 12).

It may have been a convenient building in the post-war years to use as a special school for children but now seems like the “elephant in the room”.

When given listed-building status (Grade II) in 1996, memories were probably still alive in the locality towards the Naylor banking family who had bought the estate from the exiled William Pugh in 1839, and who subsequently spent prodigiously on the estate and Kerry village before returning to England after World War I.


My interest in the estate stems from duties as a County Council member of the Powys sites and buildings sub committee in the early 90s, when efforts were made to have the hall properly maintained by Powys, when rarely touched by a paint brush.

Since that time I understand the building has deteriorated further still.

And now the intention is to abandon the hall and the ancillary buildings in favour of a new £10m day school on the playing field, complete with its own sewage treatment plant. 

One wonders how it would be if the county council left the scene in favour of a more convenient site, with easier access and mains drainage.
John Napier, Kerry