A Powys recycling charity that once owned a major depot in Trewern, has wound up its operations after 37 years of service.

Cae Post, a social enterprise and charity that “pioneered” kerbside recycling throughout north Powys, is closing after 37 years, and has handed out £200,000 in grants to local organisations so its spirit can continue.

But the enterprise has now decided to close its doors after Powys County Council took its recycling contract in-house.

Founded in 1986, Cae Post became one of Wales’ early plastic recyclers after receiving support form Montgomeryshire District Council, using a donated baler and a room at the council's redundant vehicle maintenance depot in Trewern.

As interest in recycling grew and with the aid of a Welsh Government grant, the Trewern depot was developed into a major Materials and Recycling Facility, which was officially opened in 2002 by the then Welsh Assembly Minister for the Environment Sue Essex.

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Describing this era of the organisation, a spokesperson for Cae Post said: “With a new management team and hard working employees and supported volunteers, the business grew rapidly.

“Working closely with Powys County Council waste management, it was soon sorting and bailing much of the recyclable waste in Powys.

“In 2006, we pioneered kerb-side box recycling in the north of the county before this was rolled out to the rest of the county and became a familiar part of household waste collection.


“During all this time, we were combining our social and environmental goals by creating work opportunities for a range of clients and raising awareness of the importance of recycling. We did this by visiting local groups as well as inviting schools and local organisations to visit the site. Over time we broadened our criteria to include a whole range of employees with additional support needs.”

The group also made efforts to collect waste from local businesses and explore the manufacturing from products from recycled materials, in an effort to further reduce the waste sent to landfills.

Powys County Council ended its 15-year contract with Cae Post as it opted to handle recycling internally rather than with an outside contractor, prompting the charity to end its operations.

Cae Post added: “After much soul searching, the management committee of Cae Post decided that it could not continue its work without such a contract and the decision was taken to close.

“In the last months, £200,000 has been distributed to local groups, some involved with environmental projects and some in providing job training for those with extra support needs. So, in some small way, Cae Post’s work can be continued.”