A DRUG driver stopped in Powys while over the legal limit for cocaine had blood coming from his nose when police pulled him over.

Joseph Ward, from Evesham, was stopped in Welshpool on June 1, driving a silver Seat Leon.

Welshpool Magistrates’ Court heard this week the 27-year-old became aggressive to officers who had stopped him on the A458.

He admitted drug driving when he appeared on Tuesday, November 28.

Hannah Williams, prosecuting, said Ward had both cocaine and benzoylecgonine (BZE), a compound of the Class A drug, in his blood at the time.


“The defendant was stopped by an officer, who informed him he was conducting a drug search,” said Ms Williams.

“He became very agitated and showed signs of aggression. The defendant’s mood was up and down. He had glazed eyes and blood was coming from one of his nostrils.”

She said Ward had no previous convictions.

Ward had 23 micrograms of cocaine in his system and 240 micrograms of BZE – the legal limit for cocaine is 10 micrograms and for BZE is 50 micrograms.

Owain Jones, acting for Ward, of Lodge Park Drive, Evesham, said: “The second drug is a derivative of cocaine, which is why it shows in his system. So, there’s no higher culpability.

County Times:

“He freely admits he was consuming drugs at that time. In fact, he had a habit. But since his arrest he has engaged with a drug counselling group in his area and he has managed to reduce his intake.

“He has drastically reduced the amount he takes.

“He is anxious about a fine and ban. He is a builder but is currently out of work. He has recently split with his partner and has contact with his three children, but the journey (to visit them) currently takes an hour, while on the train it would be three.”

In addition to a 12-month ban, Ward was fined £120 and must pay a £48 surcharge and £85 costs.