A NEWTOWN man who stole lager from a town centre shop has been congratulated, because he is seemingly turning his life around.

Elijah Griffiths, 24, admitted theft when he appeared at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court this week.

Griffiths stole a 10-pack of Stella lager from the Spar store on Broad Street on June 19.


Prosecutor Hannah Williams told court on Tuesday, November 28, that Griffiths was identified by police and staff.

“A call was made to police about a male who had entered the store and took a box of lager without making any attempt to pay,” said Ms Williams.

“He was identified and when police later spoke to him he admitted it was him. He said he has since made a payment of £5 but staff at store are not aware of this.”

Ms Williams said Griffiths has 13 prior convictions, including a theft in 2016.

Rob Hanratty, acting for Griffiths, of Llanfair Road, Newtown, said: “He had been drinking on the day which will come as no surprise.

“He has had a few dealings with the court but only one relating to dishonesty and that was likely when he was a youth.

County Times:

“He is working now which is a really positive sign as his life has previously been a bit rudderless.”

Griffiths was fined £116 and told to pay a £46 surcharge and £85 costs, as well as £11 compensation to Spar.

Rebecca Klug, chair of the bench, told Griffiths: “We are really pleased to hear you’ve got a job. Congratulations and we wish you all the best with it.”