A POWYS man has received a suspended jail sentence after he waged a campaign of harassment against his former partner, and even bombarded his own brother with menacing messages.

Andrew Tanswell, from Newtown, admitted intimidating and harassing his ex-partner, over a five-month period between May and September this year.

The 58-year-old was jailed for six months at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, November 14 – but magistrates said they would suspend the sentence for a year.

Included in this was a charge of sending menacing messages to his brother, Nik Tanswell, following the relationship breakdown.

In separate matters from September, Tanswell admitted three driving offences, including drink driving.

County Times:

Prosecutor Helen Tench said the victim started receiving unwanted contact from the defendant following the break-up of their seven-year relationship in mid-2022.

“The defendant moved to the Powys area from Dorset but, after moving in together, it became apparent he had a problem with alcohol; he would hide how much he drank and had trouble holding down a job,” said Mrs Tench.

In May the victim told Tanswell she would stop responding to his messages, but he kept sending them. He was arrested, bailed and told not to contact her, but he did on an unknown number, having switched sim cards in his phone.

Further messages followed, while Tanswell also began contacting his brother in August, threatening court action over finances. This included sending him 45 messages in one day.

Mrs Tench said Tanswell even messaged his ex's son and daughter, telling them he would take their mother to court and labelling her a “scam artist”.

Reading from a victim impact statement, Mrs Tench said: “I feel he is watching and monitoring my movements. I have changed as a person because of this, I have been worn down.


“I live alone and have to lock myself in at all times. He would constantly threaten to harm himself and make up illnesses, like cancer and a brain tumour.

“He even text me one time pretending to be someone else, saying he’d died. I considered dropping the complaint as he was bombarding me and his brother.”

The drink driving offence occurred on September 17, at around 3.50am, when Tanswell was stopped on Pool Road driving a VW Passatt.

“The officer smelt a strong smell of aftershave, which is said to often be used to mask alcohol. He had mumbled speech and said he’d drunk straight vodka two hours before,” said Mrs Tench.

Tanswell had 41 micrograms of alcohol in his system – the legal limit is 35 micrograms. He was arrested and found to also be driving without a licence and no insurance.

Matthew Davies, representing Tanswell, of The Bank, Newtown, said his client admits his behaviour was “totally unacceptable”.

“He is remorseful," Mr Davies said. "He struggled with the break-up of the relationship, but he accepts it’s over.

“There is likely going to be a restraining order and he is fully aware any breaches or further offences would lead to immediate custody. There will be no contact with the victims going forward.

“He had previously worked at Morrisons, but was let go when this case became published in the press."

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The six-month jail term was for intimidation, with nine weeks for harassment and two weeks for the menacing messages to his brother to be served concurrently.

The sentence includes an alcohol rehabilitation requirement and 120 hours of unpaid work.

He was banned from driving for 14 months.

He was fined £120 and must pay a £154 surcharge as well as two lots of £85 costs.

A restraining order lasting five years bans him from contacting his ex and members of her family.