BUILTH Wells Town Council has identified four major concerns with an impending overhaul of public parking set to be implemented in the town.

Powys County Council (PCC) announced in September it had launched a review of parking in Builth following a number of safety issues being identified in recent years.

A report has targeted 10 specific areas in the town where specialist residents parking will come into force, while additional parking restrictions will also be implemented.

Builth residents are awaiting the launch of a consultation period by the local authority, and the town council insists it will be an active participant in proceedings.


“The town council has been made aware of proposals regarding the overhaul of on-road parking throughout Builth Wells, which include possible town-wide parking restrictions, residents parking permits and no waiting/no loading or unloading areas,” said Builth mayor Mark Hammond in a statement published on the town council’s Facebook page.

“The town council acknowledges that inconsiderate parking in the town is causing obstructions and genuine safety concerns, but any remedy needs to be properly thought out to negate the chance of unintended consequences occurring.”

County Times: lParking throughout Builth Wells has led to a Powys County Council review, which could result in an overhaul in the town.

The town council says it has four primary concerns: 1 Displacement of vehicles to other parts of the town that are not affected by the proposals, causing issues in those areas.

2 How much it may cost residents in the town for the proposed parking permits if they are imposed.

The county council charges £370 per year for annual permits to park in its car parks, and imposition of such charges for on-road parking will increase the financial strain on people during the current cost of living crisis.

3 Proposals for no waiting/no loading or unloading areas in the town centre need looking at in more detail, as they will affect businesses that by necessity have to have their deliveries outside of their premises.

4 Effects on visitors to the town and potential negative impacts to its economy.

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“Once the consultation period is announced, the town council will be an active participant, and residents can also pass their constructive thoughts on to Builth’s county councillor Jeremy Pugh, who can make views known at the appropriate Powys County Council meetings,” added Councillor Hammond.

“The town council will put the current published plans of the proposed restrictions on its website as soon as is practicable.”

The 10 areas around town that have been looked at in great detail over the last few years are Western Grove, Hospital Road, Cae Castell, North Road, Oaklands Crescent and Oaklands, Market Street and Castle Road, Bank Square, Cwrt y Castell, Brecon Road and Groe Street.

A specialist residents permit parking zone could be introduced to the Bank Square area. It was also identified that parking and driving on Groe Street has become a safety issue.

Residents can raise concerns with Cllr Pugh via email at cllr.jeremy.pugh@powys.gov.uk.