A Powys woman downed Valium and a whole bottle of rum before heading over to the house of another woman and threatening to kill her after suspecting her partner of cheating.

Sarah Morgan had previously admitted a charge of threatening behaviour after going to the victim's Welshpool address on October 21.

Welshpool Magistrates’ Court last week granted a restraining order against Morgan, 43.


Prosecutor Rebecca Kuipers said on Tuesday, October 31, that Morgan went to the victim’s address on Berriew Street at around 4.45pm on October 21.

“She was at home when she heard the defendant shouting; this was not the first time she had turned up at her address,” said Ms Kuipers.

“She heard her say ‘I want to f*****g kill you, you can’t hide in your flat forever’. The police were called and the defendant was arrested.”

Reading from a victim impact statement, Ms Kuipers said: “She says the defendant always turns up at her address when drinking, including at 3am on one occasion, making threats.

“She said ‘I am genuinely scared, terrified and every time I walk down the street I am looking over my shoulder, I fear she will jump out and stab me.”

Ms Kuipers said Morgan had a record of 28 convictions from 46 offences.

A pre-sentence report was ordered on the last occasion and probation officer Julian Davies said Morgan had been struggling with the break-up of her relationship.

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“The defendant suspected her partner of 14 years was seeing someone else,” said Mr Davies.

“This caused her extreme anxiety so she went to her GP. She was prescribed sleeping tablets and Valium.

“Her partner admitted he had been seeing the victim and that it would never happen again. The defendant consumed some Valium and a whole bottle of rum, and decided to go and find her partner and confront them both.

“She says she wouldn’t have done it had her partner been honest with her. The relationship has now ended, and she is struggling with this.”

He said Morgan had a history of drug misuse and mental health issues.

Owain Jones, representing Morgan, said: “Emotions were raw, the relationship had ended, and alcohol played a part.

County Times:

“She is in poor health. She suffers with depression and other mental health issues.

“She was told it was all in her head, which was cruel from her partner. She would call her partner but the victim would shout down the line towards her.”

Morgan must comply with a 12-month community order, which includes 20 rehabilitation activity days and a six-month drug review.

She was also fined £120 and told to pay a £114 surcharge and £85 costs. A restraining order to protect the victim was granted and will be in place for a year.