A 20mph sign has been vandalised in a Powys village as tensions continue to rise over the controversial move by the Welsh Government.

The sign on the entry to Arddleen, just outside Welshpool was vandalised sometime over the weekend - the first such incident to have been recorded in the county.

The new 20mph speed limits has been the centre of controversy in Wales since their rollout on  September 17 - leading to over 450,000 people signing a petition to the Senedd that the change be scrapped.


The new limits were brought in by the Welsh Government in built up areas as a road safety measure as the latest statistics released by Welsh Police Forces showed that 51 per cent of the people hurt in collisions in Wales happened whilst travelling on 30mph roads and in 23 per cent of these incidents, someone was killed or seriously injured.

The new speed limits, however, have had difficulties as they have been introduced in Powys with one particular road in Trefeglwys only having a the new limit put in place for 14 yards. 

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The scheme has also been criticised for its cost with the implementation of the new limits reaching £1.6 million in Powys alone this year.


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First Minister, Mark Drakeford, has previously said that the new limits will take time to bed in and local authorities may want to “look again” at whether their initial judgments were correct.

He added that “there may be some fine-tuning and adjustments to the designations of individual roads”. 

“One of the reasons why I think six months’ worth of experience will be useful will be that I think you can already see that different local authorities are taking a different approach to how they navigate their way through those criteria to a final decision," said Mr Drakeford.