Drivers going through a Powys village have been left puzzled after meeting what could be Wales' shortest 20mph zone.

Confused local resident Bill Slater noticed the change after driving along the B4569 through Trefeglwys from the Llanidloes direction.

When motorists enter the village near the Plas Trannon estate, they are greeted by 20mph signs - before returning to a 30mph zone just 14 yards later.

“There is no difference in the character of the road but clearly that 14-yard stretch has hidden dangers," said Bill, a retired police traffic officer.

"I wonder if I drive the 20mph stretch in reverse it will help me to be a safer driver!"

Bill, from Y Fan, described the situation as “farcical”.

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He said: “If you’re going to do it, get it right.

“How is the poor public going to know what to do. They’re going to be so confused if they can’t get it right. Even I’m confused and I’m a former traffic cop.”

Powys County Council cleared up the situation saying that sign will be removed as soon as possible.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: "The 30mph is an old repeater sign, which should have been covered up when the 20mph sign was unveiled."

The change in speed limits across Powys has sparked a discussion among residents after photos showing roads with both 20mph and 30mph speed limit signs in Tregynon and Bettws Cedewain were shared on social media.  One resident jested: “Just add them together and crack on!”