Emergency rescue teams were called out after a mountain biker had a serious accident on the Powys border.

Aberdyfi Mountain Rescue were called out to attend to an accident at Dyfi Bike Park, near Machynlleth after a local 19-year-old man had a severe accident which saw him crash into a tree at high speed after travelling down a steep track at the park on Saturday (October 21).

A spokesperson for Aberdyfi Mountain Rescue Team said: “At around 3:45 p.m., Team call-handlers were made aware of a seriously injured mountain-biker near Machynlleth.

“A local 19-year-old male rider hit a tree at speed on a steep track at Dyfi Bike Park, Pantperthog, and sustained multiple injuries. The casualty's location was in difficult terrain and so the team was called to assist with the extraction.” 


The team were assisted by the coastguard and their air paramedics, who were called in to deliver emergency medical care due to the complicated access to the site.

The spokesperson for the rescue team added: “Moving and packaging the casualty for transport was complicated by the nature of the injuries and significant pain levels. 

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"This, combined with difficulty of access for an ambulance, meant that support from the Coastguard helicopter, Rescue936, and their paramedics was requested. 

“The aircraft managed to land close-by and paramedics were able to stabilize the injuries sufficiently to enable the Team to operate; using  a rope system the stretcher was raised to a nearby forest track and then carried to the aircraft for transport to hospital.”

Teams were at the scene for several hours and were not able to come down off the hills until shortly after 8:00 p.m.