County Times readers have shared their photos of the spectacular floods that were left in the aftermath of Storm Babet.

The storm left Powys at a standstill, with roads closed and water levels in the River Severn reaching near record levels at certain points- with a danger to life warning being issued in Llandrinio.

The village was given the warning after flood defences started overtopping and water levels at the local gauge was merely centimetres below its record level set in 2000.  

Flood alerts are still in force in the Vyrnwy catchment and the Lower Severn catchment in Powys but water levels are now dropping. 


Reader, Josh Jones, shared these spectacular drone shots of the flooding which hit Bettws Cedewain after the river bust its banks in the area.

County Times:

Flooding in the area was severe and meant that many could not pass through the area leading to Powys County Council and emergency services asking residents not to travel unless it was "vital".

County Times:

Water levels were high in Newtown as well on Friday (October 20) which was caught by reader Jonathan Atkinson.

County Times: Jonathan AtkinsonJonathan Atkinson (Image: Jonathan Atkinson)

Whilst reader Ryan Jones caught the speed of the water of the River Severn as it passed underneath.

However some of the more spectacular images came from some of the smaller rivers in the county after a months worth of rain hit Powys in 24 hours.

Reader Richard Jones caught this spectacular image of the strong currents in the River Rhiw after the rainfall overwhelmed the river.

County Times:  

Waters were worst in the north of the county with the A483 between Welshpool and Llanymynech being closed for well over a day after the torrential rain. This was caught by High Pixel Photography who captured these spectacular drone shots.

County Times:

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