A market garden based in Llanfyllin is settling into its autumn schedule after a busy summer.

After opening their own shop, partnering with the town’s Spar and supplying locals with freshly grown produce, Pili Pala Farm announced they will continue operations through winter.

With the colder months limiting what the market garden in Cwm Nant Y meichiaid, just outside of Llanfyllin, can grow, Pili Pala have stated that they are still aiming to stock Llanfyllin Spar over winter.

The farm provided an update on its future plans via their social media pages, stating: “It's been a busy summer on the farm, and it's also been another big learning curve.

“The empty shelves are telling us how much you are appreciating our delicious fresh fruit and veg, and we really appreciate the support. It keeps us growing.


“We are also going to have a big think about the plan for 2024, so we can continue to grow at Pili-Pala in some capacity. I'm sure we'll come up with something.”

Their market stand in the Spar will feature produce they can grow in the colder months, such as winter salads, spinach, carrots and parsnips.

The market farm has been in partnership with the branch since July and have gradually been increasing their stock at the stand during the summer months by supplying them with freshly harvested food, leading to a section of the shop being devoted to selling produce from Pili Pala.

The farm also opened their own Honesty Shop in June, but decided to close the facility after a few months, stating that they were shifting focus to their market stand at the Spar as customers preferred purchasing their produce from there.

Despite closing the shop, owners of the garden stated that they were still “really pleased” with the progress the business made during the summer.

Pili Pala gardner Thomas Edwards said: “It’s still early days for Pili Pala but it’s been going well so fra, with plenty of growth and plenty of positive feedback.

“I think people in the area appreciate procts that are locally grown, especially in a regenerative farm that prioritises health, freshness and soil quality. It’s a difference that’s appreciated by those buying it.”