A Llanidloes pub that was part of town life for more than 200 years before it closed last year due to rising costs could be given a new lease of life as a community-owned and run venture with the backing of locals.

A conversation over a pint between Neil Fitzpatrick-Reeves and Richard Barker about restoring the Crown and Anchor has now progressed towards trying to gauge the thoughts and views of residents and visitors about what they would like to see happen at the historic pub.

“The first baby steps have been taken, and it’s a long road, but with the support of the community there is hope that the Crown and Anchor will take part in the future of Llanidloes,” a Crown and Anchor Restoration Project (CARP) spokesperson said.

Many people speak of having their first drink there, under the watchful eye of Ruby Holmes, the long-time landlady for more than 50 years.

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When it changed hands, the pub became well known for its music, taking place in the marquee in the garden.

But sadly, Covid hit and, along with the financial crisis, its doors closed for what seemed to be the last time, just before Christmas 2022, many people believed this was the end and it would never reopen until the CARP was formed this summer.

With help and support from L.L.A.N.I. Ltd CARP is in the process of applying for funding to do a feasibility project and community consultation, to see if the pub can be reopened, not just as a pub, but as a community hub, offering services to groups within the community who are underrepresented and have no place to meet on a regular basis such as farmers and young carers.


“We don’t want it redeveloped, we want to keep it in the community and buy it outright it belongs to the community,” said Neil who along with CARP volunteers will be collecting feedback from the public at the town’s market and sport matches.

“We want the community on board. Rather than expecting people to come to us we’ll ask them if it’s a good idea and what they would like to see happen there.

“We’ll explain what we plan to do and if they agree or disagree with it. It’s providing proof that there’s a need and the building is needed not just for its historical context and not just because it’s a pub but for its social history. You speak to anyone from Llani and they’ll have lots of stories.”

The group is also looking for memories and any history of the Crown and Anchor, to be shared onto the CARP Facebook group.