An Amazon delivery van caught alight in a Newtown street leading to fire crews scrambling to put out the blaze.

The fire ignited on Plantation Close in Newtown at around 12.30pm today (September 15) leading to crews from Newtown Fire Station being called to put out the blaze.

An eyewitness to the incident said there were several “small explosions” making “bangs and pops”.

The driver, who worked as a subcontractor for Amazon, appears to have got away safely from the vehicle and even managed “to remove the remaining parcels from the van as the fire took hold, moving them to a safe distance”. 


A spokesperson for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said that the Newtown crew that was called to the scene had managed to extinguish the blaze quickly.

A spokesperson for the service said: “At 12.50pm on Friday, September 15th, the Newtown crew was called to an incident in Plantation Close, Newtown.

“Crews responded to a light goods van which was well alight.  Crew members utilised two breathing apparatus sets, two hose reel jets and one hydrant to extinguish the fire.

County Times: Fire crews at the scene of the fire.Fire crews at the scene of the fire. (Image: Stuart Trigg)

“Powys County Council were informed of the incident and their attendance was requested due to damage caused to the road by the fire.

“Crew members made the vehicle and scene safe before leaving at 1.35pm.”

A spokesperson for Amazon UK said: “We’re thankful no-one was harmed and we’re investigating with our delivery service provider.”