A Powys woman with a terminal illness has been struggling to sell her Welsh cottage so she can move to be closer to her son in Chichester.

Angela Ramsell, from Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, has incurable blood cancer, having been receiving chemotherapy since August 2022, and wants to move closer to her son Charlie in Chichester during her remaining time.

However, difficulty selling her riverside property, Honeysuckle Cottage, has slowed her attempt to move and now she risks losing out on a new property in West Sussex on which she has already put down a deposit.  

Ms Ramsell said: “After three rounds of chemotherapy, a few years of remission and the cancer coming back again, it makes you think about the time you have left and I decided it would be good to have more support from my son as we are very close.

“On a practical level I have a lot of days where I’m very poorly from the chemo, and having Charlie near to help would be amazing. He has his own life, family and career in Chichester so I’m happy to move closer to him.


“I have a wonderful community of friends in Wales but it’s not the same as having family support.

“I’ve been extremely poorly from the treatment so the moving process has been difficult. I’ve been struck by fatigue and pain while trying to sort things out. While on my own I’ve been emptying one draw or cupboard at a time, but luckily I have had help from friends.”

Angela received interest in the property, but would-be buyers saw dals fall apart as rising mortgage rates have caused a big slowdown in the housing market throughout Wales.

County Times:

She added: “I can’t wait for the housing market to stabilise, but that is the main reason why I’ve had so much trouble. The chain is broken, so there’s a knock-on effect that leaves everyone in limbo.


County Times: A chart of increasing house prices per year in Wales.

“People can’t follow through in buying a new property as they haven’t sold their own houses yet. It’s a vicious circle and part of a much larger issue. There’s a direct correlation between interest rates and action on the market.”

County Times:

The 59-year-old spent the summer visiting Charlie and now hopes that she will find a buyer in time to move closer to him with her own property in West Sussex, but added that she will be sad to leave Wales.

She continued: “The choice to move away has been an enormous decision. It’s a stunning cottage that’s been well looked after and I’m very proud of it. When I put it up for sale I explicitly wanted someone local to buy it, not for it to be used as someone’s second home or a B&B.

“The cottage deserves to be loved and lived in. I’d love for someone else to enjoy it and take care of hit as their home.  

“The cottage was my sanctuary during Covid, where because I was high risk I had to shield for two years. But I always felt safe."