A COUNCIL has criticised Transport for Wales’ handling of maintenance at Welshpool Railway Station.

The station is currently without an adoptee group under the Transport for Wales scheme which aims to improve links with unstaffed railway stations through volunteers.

As such, the town council says the site is in a state of poor maintenance.

Town clerk Anne Wilson labelled the station an “absolute disgrace”.

She said: "Welshpool’s Railway Station is supposed to serve as the gateway for Wales, but it’s currently one of the worst stations on the route.

“In the absence of an adoptive party to look after the station, it should be up to the train company to look after it.”


The adoption scheme organised by Transport for Wales reportedly aims to keep an eye on unstaffed stations to encourage regular feedback about the facilities available from local groups or volunteers.

As an adopter, the basic requirement is to submit at least two reports a month about the condition of the station, reporting matters such as litter, graffiti, vandalism, lighting, information help points, and timetable information.

Other aspects include aesthetic additions to stations like floral displays or a station garden, which would be under the responsibility of volunteers who have officially adopted the station.

Transport for Wales claimed that under the scheme, if there are any issues that might need addressing, the station manager will ensure maintenance operatives are aware so that they can be addressed.

However, Welshpool Railway Station is currently unadopted, with some calls on social media for a local group or organisation to show an interest in adopting the station for the past several months.

County Times:

Transport for Wales has stated that the station adoption volunteer recruitment is currently paused whilst the scheme is reviewed.

A spokesperson for Transport for Wales said: “The Station Adoption scheme is currently under review, but Transport for Wales remains committed to supporting existing volunteers across our network. 

“Welshpool is currently unadopted but continues under the management of Transport for Wales and its station management team.”

With the scheme on pause, if Welshpool were to have an adopter group for the general maintenance of the station it may be a while before any volunteers would become active there.