A Powys newsagent store has revealed that it sold a winning lottery ticket that has made one of its customers a millionaire.

KDM Local in Llandrindod Wells has been told by the National Lottery that a ticket sold in the shop resulted in a customer winning the life changing sum of £1 million.

The lottery winner has decided to remain anonymous but has agreed that the shop can display advertising telling customers that it is a jackpot-winning store.

Kevin Martin, the shop's owner, who’s yet to see a shiny new Ferrari or Lamborghini in Station Crescent, said the town is quickly getting a reputation as "lucky Llan'dod" with recent big lottery wins.

"It's brilliant for the town," he said.


"You’re so happy for the person that’s won it because somewhere in this town, in this locality somebody has won an actual jackpot."

Kevin, who’s been running the shop for eight years, said he was told by the National Lottery last week that his store will have a new digital display to celebrate the “mega amazing” win.

“There’s obviously a chance for somebody to win the jackpot which is the dream”, he said.

“You could potentially change your life, but a couple of pounds that people spend on the lottery each week goes a long way.

County Times: KDM Local in Llandrindod WellsKDM Local in Llandrindod Wells (Image: KDM Local)

“Beyond just that chasing the jackpot it keeps our staff employed, it keeps the shop going, and then there’s the good work that the lottery does.

"It’s a really positive thing the lottery and it doesn’t get perhaps as much praise and credit as it should. It’s a very important part of the shop and we really support it.”

When exactly the £1 million-winning ticket was bought has not been revealed because the National Lottery says a store is told "sometime into the future" to avoid the possibility of identifying the winner who wishes to remain anonymous.

The National Lottery said lottery winners are given four options when they claim a big prize: no publicity whatsoever; going public with the all singing all dancing giant cheque and champagne in front of the national media; informing people the sum of money and the county where it was won; and finally the store being told that it sold a jackpot-winning ticket.