Rattus feels great sympathy for people whose income is being hit by high interest rates.

We have had interest rates at historically low levels since the recession and banking crisis in 2009.  

It would have been expected that they return to their normal rate at some point. The 200 year average is about four per cent.

Raising interest rates is a blunt instrument for cooling inflation currently running at 8.7 per cent.

Spending public money on subsidising mortgages is not a good idea. 
It would be far better to tax the rich even harder and freeze rents for those who rent.

That would mean a collapse in house prices as buy to let people bail out and sell their houses. 


With net immigration at high levels the demand for houses is never going to fall far. We are not building enough houses anyway. The price of houses will just come down to more sensible levels.

Taxing the very, very rich and using the money to build more council houses would be a brilliant idea.  

Rattus cannot understand why young people put up with it. 

They pay high rents and have low paid jobs and cannot afford children.

Many are on an endless treadmill without much hope. 

The demand for skilled labour is very high but getting the skills is often difficult for young people.  
Rattus rattus

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