Llanidloes residents have come to the “end of their tether” about their rubbish not being picked - leading to an infestation of rats in the area.

Residents in the Hillfield area of the town say that infrequent collections of their recycling have led to rats being seen in the area for the first time. Something which they find deeply concerning for the health of the community.

“I’ve got footage of rats running around the neighbourhood,” said resident Geoff Dillon.

“There are quite a few old people where we live. It’s quite difficult for them to put their recycling out, it’s not collected, next thing we’ve got rats running around the place – I’m not saying these rats are big but you could put a saddle on them.

“It’s spreading disease of course, I think the rats have been brought about by the food recycling that’s being constantly being left up here.”


According to Mr Dillon he has been “hammering” Powys County Council in an attempt to get help with the situation.

“I’m at the end of my tether basically. I’m on to my local councillor almost every other week. They just don’t seem to come and pick our recycling up,” said Mr Dillon.

“It’s a disgrace, the amount of money that the council is charging, we’re paying them this money and they’re not fulfilling their end of the contract which is a simple job – they just have to pick it up.

“We have been in constant contact with them and it is just excuse after excuse – we’re understaffed, we haven’t got the vehicles – its just not good enough. If I went to work and didn’t do my job correctly I would be sacked.

“They say they can’t get the vehicles up the road so why not take bins down to the end of the road, even if they asked me to do it I would take them down and I would help the older resident take theirs down but they’re just too bone idle.”

County Times:

A spokesperson for Powys County Council said: “Our waste supervisors have confirmed that access to Hillside in Llanidloes is often blocked by parked vehicles, meaning that the recycling and refuse lorries are sometimes unable to complete this section of their round.

"They do return later in the day to try and make sure bins and boxes are emptied, but often the cars are still parked in the way.

“We would urge all residents to park considerately and ensure access is maintained at all times. This will not only let waste and recycling collections to take place, but would also allow other large vehicles, such as the emergency services, access to the roads, if and when needed.”