Almost every Friday you will find me in a village hall, rugby club or local pub holding an advice surgery, where constituents can raise issues, concerns, ideas or annoyances with me direct, writes Craig Williams MP.

Across the UK, and Montgomeryshire is no different, the effect of inflation on our cost of living is becoming more challenging.

This is an issue which is affecting economies throughout the world and not just in the UK. 

That is why our priority as a Government to halve the inflation rate this year, to provide families and businesses within Montgomeryshire with the financial security they need, is so important.

We know there are pressures for all of us in the UK. To date, the UK’s cost-of-living support offers an average of £3,300 per household; this is one of the largest support packages globally. We are doing all that we can to help you against rising bills, and this week we went a step further to help those with mortgages.


The new ‘Mortgage Charter’ is there to offer support for anyone struggling with their payments. So, for borrowers who are up to date with payments, you will now have the option of switching to interest-only payments for 6 months, or to extend your mortgage term to reduce the monthly payments – with the option to revert back to the original term within 6 months.

For those are behind with their mortgages, you will now be protected from being forced to leave within 12 months of the first missed payment. If you are in the position of reaching the end of a fixed rate term, you will now have the chance to lock in a new deal up to 6 months ahead.

If you are having difficulties with repayments or just need some advice, please reach out and contact your lender; they want to help and they are there to give support and guidance, which will not impact upon your credit file.

If you would like to further advice or to speak with me about any issue, please contact me at, or by calling 01938 552315.

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