A church in Powys celebrated the end of a long running problem as the construction of their new roof was finally completed.

On June 24, St John's Church in Pool Quay held a concert to celebrate the completion of their new roof, having been left with a half-completed structure for three years.

Originally, work on the roof was supposed to be carried out in 2020 as parts of the roof were found to be reacting badly to the Welsh weather, meaning that they were deteriorating at a faster rate, such as the nails which were quickly rusting away.


Work commenced in 202 but was halted by the Covid-19 pandemic and then further complicated when the company carrying out the repairs went bust as a result of the pandemic.

This left the church with a half finished roof, which inevitably leaked and left the inside of the church exposed to weather.

For work on the roof to resume, the interior had to be repairs for insurance purposes, which took more time.

With work on the roof finally completed, the church held a special concert featuring an array of musical acts to celebrate.

County Times:

St John's Church Vicar Caroline Rhodes said: “It was so lovely to see the church full of people for the first time in years.

“I was amazed at the breadth of local talent who were willing to turn up and put on a show to mark the occasion.

“It was wonderful to have so many musical performances such as musicians from Welshpool High School, Guilsfield Young Farmers and Bethan Scotsford, a retired priest who was kind enough to give a musical performance at the concert.

“It was really good, and I had plenty of conversations with people afterwards who all stated how much they enjoyed it, from both the attendees and the performers.”

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