A POWYS woman has been handed strict instructions to control her three dogs after they attacked and bit another woman and her puppy.

The frightening incident happened on August 19 last year where the unnamed victim was attacked while out for a walk with her eight-month-old labradoodle puppy by two dogs belonging to Meryl Wozencraft.

She was bitten on the ankle and her arm, while her own dog was attacked – it required an operation, with vet bills eventually costing her more than £1,000.

Wozencraft, 62, was out walking with her partner and their three dogs, a German shepherd known as Rio, a white west highland terrier called Pippa and a German spitz cross called Neddy, at around 7.30pm, when Rio and Pippa rushed over to the victim.

Wozencraft, of Laurel Bank, Abbeycwmhir, appeared at Landrindod Wells Magistrates’ Court last week, with the court hearing she did not dispute a dangerous dog complaint order.

Nia Jones, prosecuting the case on behalf of Dyfed Powys Police on Wednesday, April 12, said: “The victim was walking her dog, Kai, an eight-month-old labradoodle.

County Times:

“The defendant and her partner were walking with their three dogs. Two of them charged towards her, one bit her on the ankle. In anticipation, she picked up her puppy.

“Rio charged her and fixed onto her arm while she was holding Kai. He bit the dog as well while she was holding her.”

Ms Jones said the incident was caught on body-worn footage. “The victim suffered puncture wounds to her ankle and bruising to her arm. Kai required an operation and there was quite a bill, over £1,000.

“She said the incident had a detrimental effect on her and her puppy. He was going to be a therapy dog but cannot do that anymore. The victim says she did kick out but only after the dogs attacked her.”

Acting for Wozencraft, Owain Jones said the terms of the order were agreed by his client. “She’s already signed the order in anticipation the matter could be sorted out of court,” he said.

“The facts are agreed but she says there have been longstanding neighbourhood issues with the lady.

“She says the lady kicked one of the dogs, at which point they become dangerously out of control.”

Magistrates granted the dangerous dog order, which compels Wozencraft to muzzle all three dogs in public, when in a vehicle and at her home when visitors are there, or when in any private dwelling without her there.

They must also be held on a lead at all times in public or by someone who is 16 or over. They must also be contained in the confines of the garden by a pen with a sufficient run.

Wozencraft must also pay £226 costs.