While I hold no brief for our government, dominated as it is by politicians devoid of common sense, the assertion by Rattus Rattus that “Macron is actually quite good” defies both belief and scrutiny.

Macron is the man who denied thousands around the world the life saving Astra Zeneca vaccine by dismissing it as ‘quasi useless’.

As a consequence of his ill informed ramblings, many of the world’s poorest nations shunned an affordable and highly effective vaccine with the result that many thousands died.


And is this the same “quite good” Macron who indulged in flirtatious “negotiations” with the mass murderer Putin, arrogantly convinced he could bring the madman to heel, and who argues Russia should not experience a complete defeat by Ukraine?

Is it the same Macron who prevaricated for weeks about arming Ukraine, while the UK just got on with it?

The same Macron who even now, is delaying EU aid by his insistence that all arms supplied should be made in the EU - for which read France, as the biggest manufacturer of arms in the EU,

And can this be the same Macron who has presided over France’s catastrophic debts - far worse than the UK’s. France now has the third largest deficit in the world, after the much bigger economies of the USA and Japan.

He has presided over a ruinous collapse in the French power supply. Until recently France was a net exporter of power thanks to its large number of nuclear power stations which supplied half of France’s power. So many of these are now out of commission as a result largely of neglect by the state owned EDF, that since 2022 France has had to import electricity from Germany - and the UK

The man is not just a posturing incompetent but a bully, as evidenced by his attitude to French attempts to usurp the post Brexit fishing deal with its associated threats to the Channel Islands.

I suggest Rattus moves to France and supplies a weekly column to the County Times called “From the Barricades”.
Eric Flounders

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