A new Welsh medium Primary School has said its opening to new students will be on a phased basis throughout the summer term.

After numerous delays, Ysgol Gymraeg Y Trallwng, Welshpool’s 150-place-school is expected to welcome students and staff in the move to the site which has been under construction since November 2021.

The project involved refurbishing and redeveloping a Grade 2 listed building to accommodate early years and community facilities and a new extension being built to include a new school hall and classroom bases. Work was originally supposed to be completed after 12 months.

Wynne Construction was appointed to the role by Powys County Council, with the project backed by the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme.

In December 2022, it was announced that construction had slowed down significantly as a result of supply chain issues, delaying the project by several months as a new opening date of Easter 2023 was announced.


Headteacher Angharad Davies said: “As a school, we are putting our children and staff first and decided to delay our move into the new building slightly to ensure that we have a smooth transition. Therefore, we will be moving into our new building after the Easter holidays.”

Powys County Council said on its Facebook page: “We know that learners and staff are getting excited about moving into their brand-new school.

“Work is nearing completion and it won’t be long until they move into this fantastic facility.”

County Times:

However, some have expressed disappointment with the delays and the decision to move to the new school in phases rather than all at once.

Cllr Graham Breeze said: “I read this as yet another unacceptable delay for the pupils and staff.

“It’s only right that every student gets the full benefit of the new facility right away, so the idea of some being left waiting further doesn’t sit right.

“This project has been met with delay after delay, some of which are unfortunate and out of their control, but by now we have all waited long enough.

“I will continue to ask Powys County Council for a full review into the handling of this contract, as the public deserves to know the full picture of this development.”