Welshpool is putting in place measures to prepare the town for the introduction of new 20mph zones later this year.

Ahead of the Welsh Government initiative to lower a number of 30mph speed limit zones to 20mph across Wales on September 17, Welshpool Town Council discussed ways to alert the town to the change.

At a meeting held on April 5, the council discussed ways to alert residents to the change and how the new limit might impact the town.

Cllr David France said: “The Welsh Government have informed us that we can request resources to help inform people about what areas in our region will be affected.

“Personally I’m in favour of the idea, but as someone who drives through Welshpool a lot I think it would be useful to get the word out there so no one is caught out by the change.


“There will be some vocal opposition but there will be a lot of silent gratitude, especially from people who walk through the town and look to cross the road.”

Cllr Nick Howells added: “Signage must make it abundantly clear where the speed limit change is, otherwise people may accidentally break the limit just by not noticing.

“As residents of the town, we know the most likely spots where people may be caught out by this and where signage needs to be most prominent.”

The council also agreed that more could be done to combat misconceptions about the new 20mph zones.

Cllr Alison Davies said: “It should be understood that not every zone that where there is currently a 30mph speed limit will be reduced to 20mph, as Powys County Council say they will carry out a full assessment to determine which stretches of road are affected.”

County Times:

The council expressed a desire to use the resources at their disposal to further inform the public on the changes and the impact they would have on the town.

Cllr Davies added: “In England there are fewer restrictions on what town and community councils can set up when it comes to signage, such as the electric speed indicator signs. In Wales we are not free to install them as a council, but they would be useful features in some areas.”

Cllr Richard Church, who sits on a Cabinet panel on road safety alongside police and emergency service representatives, said he would proposition Powys Council for some to be installed.