A NEWTOWN man with an unenviable criminal record threatened three of his neighbours – including telling one “I’ll rip your eyes out”.

Phillip Malcolm Jones was heard to make threats to kill several of his neighbours and repeatedly threw glass bottles at them in an incident involving his unruly dogs.

Jones, of Heol-y-Coleg, Newtown, appeared at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court last Tuesday, March 21, having been remanded on three charges of threatening behaviour the previous week.

Jones admitted making threats towards Noah Bobby Davies, Izzy Wadey and Alex Williams on January 12 when he had previously appeared in court on March 13.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said police were called to Jones’ home on January 12 after he was seen threatening people and smashing a bottle.

“One witness saw the defendant’s puppy walking around and could see broken glass outside his house," Ms Tench said. "He shouted at her and threatened her.


“She watched him throw glass bottles at other people, which smashed, and he shouted ‘paedo’ at her.

“A second witness said a puppy had been chasing her and she tried taking it back to the defendant. She shouted through the door, but there was no response.

“He then threw bottles at her, which smashed, and he came out of his house with a wooden broom. He said ‘I’ll rip your eyes out, I will kill you’. He then said to her ‘you feed the dog then’ and threw a beef heart at her.

“A third witness saw a dog running past their window and saw a woman put it on lead and take it back to the defendant’s home.

“He came out and threw objects at her like a wooden mirror and a dog’s water bowl, full of water. They heard him make threats to kill them all.”

Acting for Jones, Rob Hanratty said his client lives in an area of Vaynor that often provides housing for people who have had difficulties elsewhere, adding that Jones "is very often blamed for the behaviour of other people".

“When he got the first dog he felt people were taking too much interest in it. The dog was taken into police care and eventually handed back to the person he bought it from for £900. He has now had his money back.

“I was in school with Philip. In 2006 something went wrong in his life. He was a hard-working man and was married, but then his marriage broke down and his life effectively fell apart.

“It is sad how many times he’s made court appearances since then."

County Times:

Magistrates heard from probation officer Julian Davies, who said Jones had 30 convictions for a total of 49 offences.

“He feels victimised by his neighbours and the police," he said. "He is confused about where his 19-month-old German Shepherd puppy is."

Magistrates ordered Jones to comply with a 12-month community order, with 15 rehabilitation activity requirement days, and fined him £256 with a £114 surcharge and £85 costs.

He maintains he is not guilty of drink driving a black Mercedes in Newtown on December 13 last year – that matter is listed for trial on June 5.