LLANSANTFRAID Primary School is celebrating after receiving an extremely positive Estyn inspection report.

The report contained just one recommendation - an extremely rare achievement - and noted that pupils' well-being and emotional development as being central to the work of the school.

The inspection also noted that staff work diligently to ensure that the school is a reflective learning organisation.

Headteacher Meinir Morriss said that the school is really proud of all the pupils and how they engaged with each other as well as the inspectors.

She continued: "They demonstrated embedded values and skills, independence and self-evaluation, confidence to talk about their learning and pride in being a valued part of our self-improving school community."


The report praised the relationships between staff, pupils and parents, saying they are strong with staff providing pupils with exciting learning experiences and the curriculum reflecting the ambitions of the Curriculum for Wales.

Gareth Hopkins, Chair of Governors, said: "We are incredibly proud to have received this glowing assessment of our school, which serves as the beating heart of the community of Llansantffraid.

"The whole report is overwhelmingly positive and I was particularly pleased about the brilliant feedback for our wonderful staff team, and in particular our fantastic headteacher, who was rightly described as providing “strong, measured, and compassionate leadership” and building a “healthy team culture amongst all staff”."

The report went onto note that the school is a “happy, caring and nurturing community where pupils feel safe, valued and take pride in the school badge”.

County Times:

The inspectors found that a strength of the school curriculum is the provision for the promotion of the cultural and linguistic nature of Wales and its heritage and the enthusiasm instilled in the pupils.

Inspectors commented on how staff have high aspirations for pupils’ use of the Welsh language and noted this is beginning to impact positively on the development of pupils’ spoken Welsh and reading skills.