A COUNCILLOR is spearheading an effort for Welshpool to be part of a three-town bid to host a wing of a National Poetry Library in Wales.

Welshpool Town Councillor Ben Gwalchmai has founded a campaign for Welshpool to throw its hat into the ring, bidding for a wing of what would be Wales’ first ever National Poetry Library.

The proposal was put before the Town Council’s Strategy, Policy and Development Committee.


If successful, Welshpool would receive a £3 million investment to see one of the wings of the library opened in the town, as one of three wings of the project which would be spread across North, South and Mid Wales.

Cllr Gwalchmai said: “This project would be so valuable to so many people if it reached a town like Welshpool.

“It has received cross-party support at The Senedd and from the Deputy Minister for Culture, who is keen to see an accessible model that serves all people of Wales.

“As far as National Poetry Libraries go, England has many, Scotland has 2, but Wales doesn’t have a single one.

County Times:

“So not only would bringing one to Wales be a big leap forward, but being able to bring a project like this to a rural town would mean so much.

“We want to bring it to a small town for the cultural history and complexity of the region, as well as giving access to people from all corners of Wales.

“It’s an integral part of what Wales is. With poetry you get empathy, understanding, knowledge and history. Considering that our anthem literally says that we are a country of poets and singers, it’s odd that there is no unified national library of poetry here.

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“If Wales is to have a cultural library, it should be something that is accessible to people from across the country, rather than just limiting it to cities.”

Cllr Gwalchmai has spoken in front of the Welsh Senedd as part of the campaign in July 2022, looking to raise political awareness of the issue.

Welshpool Town Council’s Strategy, Policy and Development Committee supported the proposal.