MEMBERS of Llandrindod Horticultural Society planted a medlar tree in memory of its former president earlier this month.

The tree was planted in the Llandrindod Pomarium on March 12 in memory of Dr Geoff Barlow, who was president of the society from 1998 to 2021.

Acting chairman Chris Carpenter said: “Dr Barlow was a wonderful gardener and a good, knowledgeable, long-serving president.”

The society also provided a red filbert and a Merryweather damson in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee, which have been planted in the new forest garden area of the pomarium.


Lucy Muir, one of the pomarium organisers, said: “Thanks to the generosity of local people and businesses over the last eight years, and the hard work of our volunteers, we have now filled the community orchard space with fruit trees, nut trees, and soft fruit bushes.

“The trees that the society have kindly donated are a splendid addition and I look forward to seeing them bear fruit in future years.”

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The Llandrindod Pomarium is the community orchard for the town. The orchard now contains more than 50 fruit and nut trees and numerous soft fruit bushes, including walnut, cobnut, apple, pear, plum, damson, bullace, cherry, medlar, quince, blackcurrant, and gooseberry.

The fruit is available for everyone to pick. The orchard is run as a joint project of the Friends of Rock Park and Trawsnewid Llandrindod Transition.