A NEWTOWN man who tested positive at the roadside for having both cocaine and cannabis in his system but then refused to provide samples at the police station is to be sentenced later this month.

Barry Leek, 39, was stopped by police at around 7.30pm in Newtown on January 25 due to a defective front headlight.

However, Leek tried to speed away from police, so they pursued him. When he was stopped, a roadside test revealed he was under the influence of both cocaine and cannabis.


Leek, of Cae Cymric, admitted one charge of failing to provide a specimen for analysis when he appeared at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, February 28.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said: “PC Donovan and Sergeant Hamer stopped the defendant for a defective front headlight, but when they caught up to him he significantly increased his speed.

“He did eventually stop, got out of his vehicle and identified himself. He appeared agitated.

“A roadside drug swipe proved positive for cannabis and cocaine. He said he had been taking painkillers, ibuprofen, novocaine and three types of medication for his mental health.

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“He was arrested and asked to provide a blood sample, but he said no. He said the medication he was on made him fear he would record a false positive. We say this is a deliberate failure.”

Mrs Tench said Leek had a lull clean driving licence.

Rob Hanratty, acting for Leek, said: “He was agitated because of things going on in his personal life.

“He has no idea how he tested positive for cocaine. He was scared as he was stopped previously for similar matters. I concede he has used cannabis previously. I urge you to be sparing as the loss of his licence will create a lot of hardship.”

Magistrates adjourned the case so that a pre-sentence report can be prepared. Leek will come back to court to be sentenced on March 28. Until then, magistrates imposed an interim disqualification from driving.