A labourer was hit over the head with a bottle during a fight at a pub for which two gnome-wielding brothers were sentenced this week.

Welshpool Magistrates’ Court heard this week how Nathan George Bryce and Stephen Lee Evans got into an argument at a pub and that “fists were flying everywhere” after the duo left the Pheasant Inn on May 14 last year.

Bryce, 27, is in HMP Berwyn having been recalled to jail following this incident to serve the remainder of his sentence for a previous violent incident outside another Welshpool pub. He and Evans, 29, both admitted affray, assault and criminal damage when appearing before magistrates on Tuesday, February 21.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said victim Robert Jones had been trying to defuse a fight involving the brothers at the Pheasant, "but was punched repeatedly and kicked", then struck from behind by Bryce.

Both brothers were then seen in possession of gnomes stolen from the second victim’s (Gareth Goodwin) home, Ms Tench said.

She said Mr Jones, a self-employed labourer, had to take time off work because of the assault, saying: “He suffered a sprained thumb and required physiotherapy and support for his thumbs. He was hit over the head with a bottle by the defendant and suffered an injury to the back of the head."

Mrs Tench said Bryce was out of prison on licence at the time, and that the gnomes were damaged.


Defending Bryce, Rob Hanratty, said his client had been recalled to prison days after this incident and has been back inside ever since.

“It is unfortunate he finds himself in this situation, as he was doing so well with his post-sentence licence,” said Mr Hanratty.

He added: “Nathan was in the Pheasant with his brother, when a group of men got into an argument with his brother.

“They both left the pub, there was a melee outside with a large group of males bundling them down the passageway, fists were flying everywhere.

“He accepts he had a bottle in his hand and it came into contact with someone. It didn’t break. His girlfriend was hit in the mouth and received a cut lip. It spilled out onto the street, his brother was doing most of the moving around."

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He added: “The incident continues down the street and the gnomes are picked up, there’s a lot of gesturing. The affray is 95 per cent of the incident.”

Bryce, who is now due to be released in August from the original crown court sentence, was described as being at a high risk of re-offending by probation officer Julian Davies.

Also acting for Evans, of Park Place, Welshpool, Mr Hanratty said the incident happened as a result of him being “picked on”.

“He suffered a nasty gash to the eye. He is not by nature a violent person,” Mr Hanratty said.

Evans was also interviewed by Mr Davies, who said the incident occurred after the brothers had returned to Welshpool following a day out celebrating their sister’s birthday in Shrewsbury, and that he regrets the incident.

Mr Davies said unemployed Evans had been binge drinking at weekends at the time, but he has reduced his alcohol intake and frequency.

He also said Evans told him he is a frequent cannabis user and that previous offending has been mainly drug related. He said Evans was last in court January 2019 for an offence of threatening behaviour. He also described Evans as a high risk of reoffending.

County Times:

Magistrates jailed Bryce for 12 weeks each for affray and assault, as well as four weeks for the criminal damage – all three sentences though will be served concurrently to the term he is currently serving, so he will be released in August as scheduled.

He was also ordered to pay Mr Jones £600 compensation and £20 to Mr Goodwin. He will also have to pay £85 costs upon his release.

Evans was ordered to comply with an 18-month community order, and to pay £200 compensation to Mr Jones and £20 to Mr Goodwin, plus £85 costs.