Welshpool’s Christ Church has published a book chronicling the stories of men who died in the First World War that have a memorial in the churchyard.

‘Remembering the Fallen of the Great War at Christ Church’ by Natalie Bass, which will be launched on Saturday, February 25, will bring together the stories of 29 men memorialised at Christ Church.

The author hopes that the 29 stories of various men who fought and died in World War One will paint a portrait of not only the loss of the conflict, but also the lives they left behind, giving a glimpse of life in Welshpool and surrounding area 100 years ago and mirror key events in the Great War.

Natalie Bass said: “Nearly ten years ago, with the centenary of the First World War approaching, I began to research the stories behind the headstones that referred to a son that fell in the Battle of the Somme, or brothers that died within days of each-other on the Western Front.


“Walking through the churchyard I would notice phrases like ‘killed at Sulva Bay’ and would wonder where that was and why were men from Welshpool fighting there.

“It was incredibly moving to find out how twenty-nine local men were involved in so many different aspects of the war and in such a variety of places, from training with the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry in Welshpool, to fighting in France and Flanders, and even further afield in the Balkans and Baghdad. 

“On the centenary of each man’s death, their story was displayed in the church and a hand-painted slate poppy was placed next to the headstone. The response was so positive, and that has led to the publication of the book as a permanent record of all twenty-nine stories.”

The book will be launched at Christ Church on Saturday, February 25 at 2pm.

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All are welcome to attend the book launch and afterwards the story collection will be available to purchase during the church’s openings, on Fridays between 1pm and 4pm.

The book will also be available through the church’s online shop, as well as Eleos Christian Bookshop and Hardy’s Bookstore.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards the restoration work to enable public access to Christ Church.