A couple imminently expecting a baby have been told that they can’t qualify for priority housing – despite their flat being considered dangerous due to mould.

Aaron Hassall and Chloe Lloyd-Perks, who are expecting a baby this week, told the County Times last month that they are unable to use the bedroom in their Newtown flat because of severe mould and have been forced to sleep on the floor of their living room.

The couple were told by their midwife and their doctor that it would be dangerous for Ms Lloyd-Perks and the baby to be in the space and since then have attempted to get the flat fixed through their Housing Association Newydd and to find alternative accommodation through Powys County Council.

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After applying for the housing with the council, the couple were told this week that they did not qualify for priority housing as the notes from their doctor were not “worded correctly” – and say they were told they should go for private rent instead, which they cannot afford.

This followed the council losing parts of their initial application and delaying the process by months.


“They told us that it’s not worded correctly - so it’s pointless,” said Mr Hassall. “Which as far as I am concerned is just petty.”

Montgomeryshire MS, Russell George voiced his outrage over how this case had been handled.

“The conditions Aaron and Chloe have had to live in are unacceptable and demand urgent attention from Newydd,” said Mr George.

“Sadly, it feels like cases like these are only properly dealt with after media interest whereas social landlords have a duty to provide good quality housing.

County Times: Some of the mould found in the bedroom of the property.Some of the mould found in the bedroom of the property. (Image: Aaron Hassall)

“The council and the Welsh Government should also do their part by holding housing providers’ feet to the fire so social tenants are not let down by a system that is supposed to protect them.”

Cllr Matthew Dorrance, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for a Fairer Powys, defended the council’s Homes in Powys policy and said it “has been designed to make sure that social housing in Powys is allocated fairly and equitably”.

“Our housing officers also liaise with applicants to make sure we fully understand their housing needs.

County Times: Mould on a child's car seat.Mould on a child's car seat. (Image: Aaron Hassall)

“The council investigates reports sent in by tenants of all housing landlords, including housing associations, if they have problems with the home. We work with landlords to help make sure that they comply with the legislation in place to protect people from harm.”

Housing Association, Newydd, have started some work in the property by putting in an industrial dehumidifier and changing the extractor fans in the kitchen and the bathroom – both rooms unaffected by the mould.  

According to the couple, one worker said the bedroom was “like a swimming pool” and that there was 80 per cent moisture in the room.

Jason Wroe, chief executive of Newydd Housing Association said, “Working closely with our tenants to improve the condition of our properties is our priority. We are in regular contact with Mr Hassall and Ms Lloyd-Perks to ensure that they are happy with the work carried out in their home.

“Our Financial Inclusion Team have supported the couple in getting help with their energy costs and our Maintenance Team have this week carried out improvements to the property as suggested by Powys County Council Environmental Health Team. We will continue to work with Mr Hassall and Ms Lloyd-Perks and act on any concerns they may have in future.”

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