ALUN Titford, the father of a 16-year-old disabled Newtown girl who was morbidly obese when she died, should be found guilty of her gross negligent manslaughter, according to his trial’s prosecuting barrister.  

Caroline Rees KC addressed the jury on Thursday, February 2 with her closing speech at the trial of Kaylea Titford’s father at Mold Crown Court.  

Ms Rees told the court that in his own words, Titford, 45 and of Colwyn in Newtown, said he ‘did nothing to ensure her safety’ after the defendant was cross-examined on Wednesday, February 1.  

She summed up the prosecution’s case against a legal framework given to the jury by Justice Martin Griffiths on whether Titford breached a duty of care for his daughter, to what extent and whether the breaches amounted to a criminal act.  


Ms Rees, in summing up, said that Kaylea’s morbid obesity and subsequent death was as a result of ‘gross neglect’ by Titford, who denies the charge, and his partner Sarah Lloyd-Jones who has pleaded guilty.

She said: “We say that had he taken any action, Kaylea would have lost weight, or been able to move, or would have had her dressings changed or a doctor or nurse would have been called.  

“If someone had taken action then she would not have died two weeks after her 16th birthday and she would continue to be the happy girl she was.” 

County Times:

Ms Rees also told the jury it would be sure that Titford played a significant role in her death. 

She added: “What is graver than the situation that Kaylea lived and died in?  

“There is nothing more to describe it than to say it was criminal – neglect so serious that it led to injuries so serious that they are the worst experts in the field have seen.  

“We say his actions are criminal and it is manslaughter by gross negligence.  

“The prosecution says the appropriate verdict is guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence.  

“Kaylea deserved more from her father to keep her safe and well – he did nothing to help his child because, in his words, he was lazy.  

“He accepted in his evidence that he was as much to blame as Sarah Lloyd-Jones was and we say he is guilty too.  

“He was grossly negligent in the care of Kaylea Titford and was responsible for her untimely death.” 

Ms Rees had earlier reminded the jury of what they had seen throughout the prosecution’s case, such as the testimony of experienced police officers who said the conditions Kaylea was in nearly made them physically sick.  

She also reminded them of the evidence of Dr Lea Solman, who said pictures of Kaylea’s skin and ulcers were the worst she had seen in her career.  

And she frequently referred to Titford’s cross-examination where he consistently told the court he was ‘lazy, a bad father and as much to blame as Lloyd-Jones’. 

The day started with David Elias KC closing the defence’s case with letters about GP appointments addressed to Lloyd-Jones read to the court.  

The jury is expected to be sent out to deliberate on Monday after Mr Elias gives his closing argument and Mr Justice Griffiths concludes his legal direction. 

The trial continues.  

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