A MOTORIST who had become dependent on cannabis has been disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Peter Exton was stopped by police near his home in Guilsfield on October 1 last year driving a Volkswagen Sirocco, when he was found to over the drug drive limit.

Welshpool Magistrates’ Court was told last week by Exton’s solicitor that the defendant believed he was a target for police having been stopped for an identical offence in August.

Appearing on Tuesday, January 24, Exton, 46, admitted on charge of drug driving.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said Exton was stopped while driving on the A490, with a roadside drug test showing there to be 2.8 micrograms of cannabis in his system – the legal limit is 2 micrograms.

“It was shortly before 11.30am when the defendant was stopped by PC Jones near Guilsfield,” said Mrs Tench.


“The officer noticed he had pale skin and glazed pupils. A roadside drug swipe was positive. He has a previous record. This occurred in October and he has a conviction for a similar matter from December 2022 (for an offence committed in August). He had not been convicted of this offence at that time.”

Acting for Exton, of Breidden Way, Guilsfield, Rob Hanratty said his client had suffered from a number of medical issues over the last few years.

“He feels he was targeted by the officer after a previous possession charge,” said Mr Hanratty.

“He was marginally over the limit. This is a borderline case and I’d urge you to be very sparing with the disqualification."

He added: “He was an obvious candidate for a drug swipe if seen on the road. There was nothing wrong with his driving.”

Exton was fined £80 and must pay £85 costs and a £32 surcharge, in addition to the 12-month ban.