Machynlleth’s only petrol station is scheduled to close for six months to make way for a complete £1.75 million rebuild – meaning residents will face a long journey to fill up.

The Texaco garage on Doll Street, owned by Ascona Group, will be knocked down and rebuilt, with the garage set to close on January 30 before the new service station opens in July.

The new site, when completed, will reportedly feature an increased number of fuel pumps boasting 8 with dedicated HGV lanes, pumps for gas oil and kerosene at the kerbside and space for up to 12 electric vehicle charging points.

The retail area will be expanded to facilitate additional parking, along with a rollover car wash that has also been incorporated into the plans.

While the owners of the service station promise a much-improved facility, they are also acknowledging the inconvenience to many Machynlleth residents who will be temporarily left without a local petrol station, with the garage is unable to install a temporary alternative.

The nearest 24-hour stations are in Newtown and Aberystwyth, with daytime stations at Tal-y-bont, Mallwyd and Tywyn.

A spokesperson for Ascona Group said: “We looked at alternatives but legislation won’t allow us to sell fuel from the back of a tanker. The tanks need to be replaced and there are no alternatives, unfortunately.


“When we took over the site, we knew that the building and infrastructure needed to be upgraded as the tank size and retail areas were not fit for purpose or indeed future proof. This is why we need to replace the tanks with higher capacity and increase the size of the retail area.

“The local authority and councils were informed and had lengthy discussion with during the planning process. We're sorry for the inconvenience in the relatively short term, but assure that this plan will future-proof the site in the years to come and be an asset to the local community.”

Machynlleth Town Councillor Mike Williams added: “I know this is going to be an inconvenience for residents over the next few months, but it’s what is required to carry out the much needed rebuild.

“It’s important to have an up to speed, modern service station, with facilities for any kind of motorist.

“if closure is what’s needed then so be it, but a six month inconvenience will be worth a long term commitment from a fully up to date station that will hopefully give the town many years of quality service.”