A Caribbean food business that’s loved by food bloggers and taken Newtown by storm is opening its doors on Christmas Day to offer a hearty feast for free to people who are on their own or are going through tough times.

Kind-hearted businessman Johnal Guy Simpson will be preparing to feed up to 60 people at his new restaurant Hummingbird in Newtown’s High Street this Sunday (December 25) to spread the joy of the festive season.

“I’m going to open the doors to anybody who is on their own or going through hardship,” the 49-year-old said. “I’ve been there in the past and I know what it’s like but since moving to Newtown things have changed so much for the positive.”

Bookings are now open to save a seat at Hummingbird on Christmas Day where doors will be opening from 12.30pm ready to serve Christmas dinners kindly donated by The Prized Pig, of Abermule, at 2pm.

You may recognise Johnal and his bright-coloured food truck, affectionately known as Bernese after his mum who made the initial investment in his business, parked in Newtown town centre during the past 15 months. But Friday (December 23) marks the long-awaited opening of his exciting new restaurant at the former Jarman’s fish and chips shop where he will continue to serve delicious melt in your mouth Caribbean food.


“Newtown is a place that loves food and I saw it as an opportunity to do something new because nobody in the area does Caribbean food,” Johnal said.

“The common misconception is that the food is hot and spicy like a vindaloo and madras. All of the curries are rich in flavour. The mutton is locally sourced as is the oxtail. The curried mutton is a signature dish it's full of flavour, melt in your mouth, delicious! The jerk chicken has taken Newtown by storm, and the fired dumplings are such a big hit. There are a few more dishes and I’m expanding the menu for the new premises.

“All my customers have blown me away with how supportive they’ve been and they’ve always asked for somewhere to sit down and eat.

“I know I’m taking the plunge in the current climate but taking on a premises I see it as an investment in the town.”

The Hummingbird restaurant will be open seven days a week from 12pm to 11pm, except on Sundays which opens from 12pm to 9pm.