Llandrindod Wells and the surrounding area is set to have a third day of disruption to its water supply.

Welsh Water, who supply water to the area, said in their latest update: "We are awre customers in this area may have no water or low pressure at the moment. 

"We expect all supplies to be restored to normal later today."


This is the third day of issues with the town's water supply which has led to schools closing earlier this wek and Powys County Council cabinet meetings being held remotely after the Council headquarters needed to be closed due to the lack of water supply. 


Local councillors Pete Roberts and Little Brighouse have put out a request for the public to get in touch if they are still dealing with issues with their water supply.

Councillor Roberts said in a post on social media: "I have taken the lead liaison role with officers over the past 48 due to my knowledge of emergency planning.

"At present Welsh Water have had very few notifications but officers and I thing the situation in particularly Newbridge may merit water distribution support.

"If you are without water or very low flow please can you post here with when you lost supply and where you are.

"For Newbridge state north, if you are north of the new inn, east if you are off the Llandod road or south, if you are south of the new inn. Elsewhere the village name is enough.

"I am meeting with officers at 12.30pm to decide if we need to provide direct support."

Welsh Water CEO, Pete Perry apologised in a statement on social media and said: "The reason we are in this predicament is we saw the best part of 10 days of sub zero temperatures.

"Then we have had this very rapid thaw that has set in. What we have seen then is ground movement which has caused a huge number of bursts on our network - three times more than we usually see on an average day."