NO queues at Duty Free, customs is a breeze, with cheap flights to exotic destinations such as Paris, Madrid and New York.

The only trouble you might encounter departing from or arriving at Llandegley International Airport is sheep on the runway… or the small fact that it doesn’t actually exist.

Except, it does exist. It has, in the hearts and minds of locals and visitors alike, for the last two decades.

One man’s ludicrous and ambitious prank took flight 20 years ago and, even now, as the sign for the fictitious Radnorshire airport finally comes down, the myth is still flying high.

Since 2002, if you’ve travelled along the A44 between Crossgates and Penybont, you will have seen – and probably been perplexed – by a sign directing drivers to Terminals 1 and 3 at Llandegley International Airport.

The sign is the brainchild of Nicholas Whitehead – a former editor of the Brecon and Radnor Express who once wrote with Monty Python's Terry Jones.

What started off as a wild joke has since cost Mr Whitehead in the region of about £25,000, or around £1,500 per year, to maintain the billboard.

It has become a Powys national treasure. Now, Mr Whitehead feels it is time to go ‘legit’. He plans to approach air traffic control – aka recognised authorities like CADW, Powys County Council and the Welsh Government – to authorise take-off, and has this week started a crowdfunder with the aim of raising the £8,000 reportedly required to erect a sign on a roadside verge.

“For 20 years, I’ve been funding the famous sign on the A44 near Crossgates in Radnorshire,” Mr Whitehead writes on the ‘Give us a sign’ gofundme page he set up at the weekend, and which has already raised close to £750, after just 24 hours.

“In that time, the airport has become firmly established in the hearts and minds of locals and visitors alike. The sign is regarded as part of our heritage. So now it's established, it makes sense for the establishment to take it on.

“Until November 2022, the sign lived on an advertising billboard but now we think it's time to go 'legit' and get this thing officially recognised. We will ask CADW, Powys County Council and the Welsh Government to sort out the bureaucracy and authorise the erection of a proper sign for the airport.

“But in these times of austerity and cut-backs we will not be asking them to pay for it. That's where you come in.

“The UK Government website says it costs about £8,000 to erect a sign on a roadside verge. So that's what we're asking for. Let's give our favourite airport the sign it deserves.”

The airport has a huge cult fanbase across social media, with 4,000 people following the Llandegley International Airport Facebook page.

‘Passengers’ enjoy updates about Llandegley's impressive environmental credentials and engage in flights of fancy about the “top secret” Terminal 2.

Mr Whitehead’s appeal has attracted national attention, featuring on BBC Wales and the Jeremy Vine Show this week. It was even discussed on UAE radio station Dubai Eye. News of the airport’s intentions, via several posts, attracted hundreds of likes and scores of comments, with Paul Kent posting: “Donation made. Please don't allow the destruction of any more local heritage.”

Noel Vance said: “Always cheers me up this. I've driven from Aberaeron to Malvern hundreds of times and loads of times in horrific weather and it always makes me smile when I see that.”

Tess Mitchell added: “The most picturesque airport in the UK and always provides service with a smile.

“We can't afford to lose a local business that has such a positive impact on our local economy. It's worth every penny of support.”

Richard Elam recalled: “Took a flight from Edinburgh to Belfast a few years back, it was routed via Llangedley International for unknown reasons.”

Mike Charles joked “I like the fact that you don't have to queue and customs is a breeze” and David Powell quipped “Check out Llandegley International Jobs. Air traffic controllers, pilots, Duty Free sales and someone to keep the sheep off the runways. Minimum wage applies, bonuses paid in Radnor Cider.”

The airport’s impact locally is probably best summed up by the Facebook page’s own description – “Llandegley International is more than just an airport, as well as being less than just an airport”.

To make a donation to the crowdfunder, visit