BIRTHDAY celebrations turned sour for a Llandrindod Wells man who was stopped for drink driving the following morning.

Self-employed handyman Dariusz Michalski was found to be just over double the legal drink drive limit when he was stopped the morning after he had been drinking spirits with friends to celebrate a birthday.

The 42-year-old admitted drink driving when he appeared at Llandrindod Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, August 3.

Michalski, of Camddwr Rise, Llandrindod, was stopped by police just before 9am on June 26, after officers had received a report about the manner of the defendant’s driving.


“The report was about the manner of driving of a Peugeot silver van driving through Llandrindod, in the Tremont Park area,” said prosecutor Stephen Davies.

“PC Alun Williams saw the vehicle and illuminated his lights; the van then stopped 400 yards down the road. When he spoke to the driver he could smell intoxicating liquor and he told him he wanted him to provide a breath test.

“The defendant said he’d drunk the night before, with the test proving positive, and he was arrested. “He told the officer ‘I thought I would be OK’.”

The lower reading provided at the police station was 72 micrograms – the legal limit is 35 micrograms. Mr Davies said Michalski had no previous convictions.

Gareth Walters, acting for the defendant, said: “He has an understanding of the consequences of drink driving, but he also has more to learn as he’s requested attendance on a drink drive course.

“He is a self-employed handyman/gardener and I suspect his work may be affected by the loss of his licence.

“He was celebrating a birthday with neighbours and friends the night before. He had been drinking spirits. He said he felt safe to drive, if he hadn’t he wouldn’t have driven.”

Magistrates banned Michalski from driving for 20 months, but he can reduce this by five months if he successfully completes a drink drive rehabilitation course. In addition, he was fined £400 and must pay a £160 surcharge and £85 costs.