TO commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee this year, Nantmel Community Council decided to plant a traditional oak tree.

The council became involved in the Queen’s ‘Green Canopy’ project of planting trees to create a legacy in honour of Her Majesty’s service and the legacy she has built over the 70 years of her reign. The project encourages the planting of native trees that will thrive, enhancing our environment and the landscape for generations to come, and to increase and protect the native tree cover becoming part of a network of individual trees, avenues, copses and whole woodlands in honour of the Queen's Jubilee.


Nantmel Community Council supported a local nursery for the oak tree and a social enterprise company for the commemorative plaque.

The photo shows chair of the community council, Councillor Anne Bates, with councillors Kelvyn Curry, Phil Bowen and Jeff Harris after the planting ceremony. Thanks go to Councillor John Morgan for planting the tree and installing the commemorative plaque.