PROVIDENCE Baptist Chapel in Howey held an Easter celebration service last month, with members delighted to see so many people at the service.

Held on April 17, the occasion was especially poignant as it marked the retirement of Megan and Ernie Beaumont from their posts of chapel secretary and treasurer, respectively. Megan has served as secretary for the past 37 years, while Ernie has been treasurer for more than 40 years.

Howard Nixon is the new treasurer, with Ann Mitson replacing Megan as the secretary.

Howard presented Megan and Ernie with a beautiful painting of the chapel, while Margaret Gough and Hayley Simcox presented Megan with a delightful floral arrangement.

They were thanked for their many years of faithful service to the chapel, and they assured those present that they would continue to attend and help the chapel for as long as they were able.

A warm welcome was given to all who attended, especially to Christine Humphreys who led the service and provided everyone with helpful thoughts on the true meaning of Easter.

The service included Easter scripture readings, poems, solos and a delightful children’s singing group, while readings were given by Howard Nixon, Michael Gough, Lydia Brandreth and John Mitson. Poems were provided by Jo Davies, Rachel Williams and Bob Atkins, solos by Griff, Cerys, Kelsey and Angharad. The children in the singing group were Lily, Maisie, Lara, Edie, Flo and Kelsey.

Accompaniment was provided by Ann Mitson, with the chapel beautifully decorated by Hayley Simcock. A vote of thanks was given by Rachel Williams.